Thursday, 2 February 2012

To hear Tony reading his poem "Flying under the Radar" click here:
Facebook Phenomenon!
(By Tony Inwood)

 Virtual view
of virtual you;
from Slough,
New York or Timbuktu.

Will you be my
face book friend?
I want my friendships
to extend
and although I have
so very few,
I’d have one more
if I could just add you!

Oh what comments
grace the page;
proving that
the world’s a stage.

And we can make it
what we will
and hope that others
watching still
will add a line
to make us smile,
or maybe wince
once in a while.

Link up with friends,
casual or close;
our little secrets to expose
unless we have a lot of vetting
with carefully chosen
privacy settings.

And when my friends
in number grow,
that is why I love it so,
until I see that other folk
make my few friends
seem like a joke!

So see my photos.
Read my news.
Lots and lots
of different views.

Do you want to
follow my day?
For I am going to tell you

And if someone drives you
round the bend,
just click the button
which says un-friend!!

PS. I love it really.

Funky Blackbird No 25

Sofa Explosion

Thursday, 3 March 2011

“As Saint Teresa of Avila wrote, words ‘prepare the soul and make it ready and move it to affection -- give it light and make it happy and tranquil.’ I hope that all who read this wonderful collection will recognize poetry that achieves precisely that sacred prompting.”
(The above quote is an extract from BBC Correspondent Fergal Keane’s foreword to “Flying under the Radar” – one of Tony Inwood’s booklets which is featured on this website.)